Leveraging Trust to Fix a Broken Data System

The Assurance Health Data (AHD) platform creates a trusted clinical data ecosystem, enabling researchers, health care providers, patients, as well as diagnostic and life sciences companies to solve the biggest data problems in healthcare – together.

Connects providers, researchers, and patients to generate evidence and insights that achieve the promise of precision medicine.

  • Enables new studies that benefit patients, providers, and life science researchers.
  • Transforms the healthcare system by enabling data owners to be in control of their own data sharing.
  • Gives pharma expanded access to real-world data and customized data from providers and analytics services.
  • Provides a 360° view of patient health history through a secure, protected platform.
  • Allows for the creation of new Real-World Evidence.

Our Platform:

The Assurance Health Data (AHD) platform consists of the VirtualRegistry™ and the HealthData Exchange™. Unlike other clinical data platforms, AHD enables data owners to maintain control of their data at all times. By design, AHD does not take ownership of your data and is the industry’s Trusted 3rd Party Data platform and ecosystem, enabling clinical data sharing, integration, and enrichments across the US healthcare industry. 


As the foundation of the AHD platform, the VirtualRegistry™ is designed for regulatory-grade patient data capture and use, and contains both source and enriched data. Utilizing a global namespace, all data in the VirtualRegistry™ is encrypted and tracked by source and use case, adhering to industry-standard privacy and security regulations, including GxP, HIPAA, and 21 CFR Part 11. 

The VirtualRegistry™ is a paradigm shift from traditional single-use case registries and has the capability to follow the patient, not the use case, allowing for virtually unlimited re-use of patient data for limitless use cases. Utilizing patient right of access, we are able to obtain clinical data across their care continuum.

HealthData Exchange™

The HealthData Exchange™ is a trusted ecosystem of protected data enabling Academic Medical Centers (AMCs), Community Health Systems, telehealth, and other healthcare providers to ethically and compliantly bring to market their clinical data assets. Additionally, the Exchange accelerates and enables existing and new research projects while providing data consumers with timely access to rich clinical data sets.

Federated Data and Learning

From the creators of the Federated Data Model, the AHD platform is cloud-native, built on modernized frameworks, and supports interoperability, data integration, standardization, and global search. The AHD platform is enabling the future of federated learning while building partnerships with leading data sources, research, and federated learning companies.

Additional Offerings

AHD & Real-World Data On-Demand

  • Access to Real-World Data: AHD has strategic relationships with the largest and most prestigious AMCs, Community Health Systems, biorepositories, labs, diagnostic, liquid biopsy and other novel data sources. We have access to tens of millions of patient records, including physical samples with linked longitudinal clinical data.
  • Cohort Design: Based upon your specific requirements we can help you build powerful cohorts to accelerate your projects and objectives, including Real-World Evidence generation, market analysis, research and development, drug discovery, algorithm training and federated learning with AHD’s high demand use cases.
    • Available data sets: EMR structured and unstructured data, clinical, lab, genomics (Raw Sequencer Output -> Interpretation), imaging, progress notes, patient reported outcomes and more.
  • Data Commercialization: AHD can work with your organization to create or optimize your approach to data commercialization and add you to our fast growing trusted HealthData Exchange™.

AHD & The Provider

  • Ethical Data Commercialization: Leverage the fastest growing trusted health data marketplace to establish or accelerate your data commercialization efforts. Maintain control and ownership of your largest non-capitalized asset – data – and leverage our decades of experience in data virtualization and monetization to ethically, securely and compliantly share and commercialize your clinical data.
  • Sponsored Research and Clinical Trials: AHD clients and partners have an unmet need for access to your site to expand existing and create new sponsored research studies and clinical trials.
  • High Value Research: Expand your existing healthcare delivery, administration and research programs by participating in cross-site, regional, national, and international high profile research programs. Utilize new revenue streams, plus obtain and win more competitive grants. Data sharing is in our DNA: Our mission is to eliminate principal investigator data islands and we are leading the industry’s movement to connect, reuse and share clinical data at scale.

AHD & Pharma Resources

  • High Quality Real-World Data: Gain access to millions of patient records with the fastest growing trusted third party health data platform. As the creators of the Federated Data Model, we are leveraging trust to connect the nation’s healthcare ecosystem. We are partnered with leading AMC’s and Community Health Systems to help you execute your drug discovery, commercial effectiveness, product launches, or custom projects. 
  • Fill, Expand or Launch New Clinical Trials: Our clients and partners – including AMC’s, Community Health Systems, decentralized sites, virtual providers, and patient advocacy groups – are eager to participate in your clinical trials and sponsored research projects.
  • Generate New Evidence: Utilize AHD’s platform, expertise, and partnerships to decouple use cases from patients and obtain regulatory-grade evidence for the FDA and CMS – wherever your subjects receive their care throughout the duration of your study.

AHD & Diagnostics/Testing

  • Real-World Data and Evidence: Leverage, enhance or generate regulatory-grade Real-World Data and Evidence for your FDA, CMS and other requirements. AHD utilizes linking and our VirtualRegistry™ to apply your existing consent or assist in new consent models that support the 21st Century Cures Act to obtain high quality clinical data regardless of where your patients have received their care.
  • Ethical Data Commercialization: Utilize AHD’s large and fast growing trusted third party HealthData Exchange™ to commercialize your existing data assets. Take advantage of our expertise, platform, and network to enhance or generate Real-World Data and Evidence for regulatory, reimbursement, and data commercialization purposes.
  • EMR Ecosystem Messaging: Drive awareness and new testing revenue with our EMR ecosystem by providing messaging in the clinical workflow to healthcare providers of your tests and closing the precision medicine gap so that patients receive timely access to testing and targeted therapies.