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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Millions in Research, a Few Tears, and the Impossible

Last week, I traveled to #nashville for the SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) 🧬 = SYNGAP1 @cureSYNGAP1’s Scientific Conference to observe and learn from an #innovative #pediatric #patientadvocacy group.


Can St. Louis Solve the Delmar Divide? The McDonnell Foundation & Jason Purnell Just Might.

I am very surprised that national and international news outlets have yet to cover James S. McDonnell Foundation’s shift from a “worldwide focus on behavioral and biomedical sciences research to contributions in economic development and mobility, life sciences, PK-12 STEM education, and workforce development, specifically within the St. Louis Metropolitan area.” Read More


Genome Web's Precision Oncology and Diagnostic Summit

I had a great time speaking with leaders from #clinical#pathology#diagnostics, and regulatory grade #realworlddata #realworldevidence generators and aggregators.

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Precision Medicine Leaders Summit - October 2023

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